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Phytognosis was born out of a need for genuine high-quality botanicals at reasonable prices. As a practitioner of leechcraft and wortcunning, I was frequently unable to find authentic ingredients necessary for my workings. As an experienced practitioner of this ancient Art, I am able to bring that same quality to my clients and customers.

Phytognosis specializes in rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for use during ritual, meditation, spiritual workings and personal enjoyment. We also carry several ready to use products for the new practitioner.


The prefix phyto is Greek for plant or vegetation. Gnosis also derives from the Greek word that means knowledge, usually signifying spiritual or mystically generated knowledge. Taken together, the word Phytognosis means spiritual knowledge obtained directly from and through plants.


Jeremy is a long-time student of European folk magic and studies occult herbalism, folk medicine and the traditional witch-lore and practices of the British Isles. 

I was honored to take part in a photo essay by Jake Eshelman that was published by the World Sensorium. For more about how I work, please see here:


World Sensorium article

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Photo by Jake Eshelman (

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